NDoscopy Dyphagia Solutions provides prompt flexible endoscopic swallowing services to identify the cause of dysphagia and may reduce hospital readmissions. 

What are the Benefits of Flexible Endoscopic Evlauation of Swallowing?

NDoscopy Dysphagia Specialists provide expert care in dysphagia management.  With the new changes to healthcare in a Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), there is increased importance of functional dysphagia management and thorough documentation of medical necessity. NDoscopy Dysphagia Specialists are prepared for these changes as we provide a research based, outcome-driven service to guide facilities in managing their patient’s dysphagia. We provide a more objective means of quantifying dysphagia, including penetration and aspiration, residue and reflux.  Our measures allow for functional tracking of patient outcomes.  Contact us for more information about data tracking.

When a Clinical Bedside Swallow isn't enough...

A clinical bedside swallow evaluation is an important component in the diagnostic process.  Just as a neurologist examines a patient prior to sending him out for a MRI or EMG, an SLP should examine the patient prior to FEES.  The bedside allows SLPs to identify patients who warrant an instrumental evaluation.  It also allows the SLP to trial and teach different interventions that will be tested to determine if they work during the instrumental.  

However,  a clinical bedside is often not enough to treat patients effectively and reduce hospital admissions from dysphagia related illnesses.  Many patients require more in-depth testing to understand the cause of the dysphagia and how to treat it.  A bedside cannot tell us anything about swallowing physiology.  For example, we cannot quantify hyolaryngeal excursion or determine if there is a delay from a bedside swallow.  Without an instrumental assessment, we cannot determine if there is vallecular or pyriform residue.   And even though there may be clinical signs, we cannot verify that there is aspiration.  It is just not possible to conclude this from bedside assessments.   

Aspiration and silent aspiration rates are especially high in patients with tracheostomy with studies showing up to 87% aspiration rates and up to 83% silent aspiration (Elpern, 1994). In stroke patients, instrumental assessments have documented aspiration rates of 40% (Daniels, 1998; Kidd, 1993).  Silent aspiration can occur in 40-70% of patients with dysphagia who aspirate.  Dysphagia and aspiration are common in these patients and is often missed with bedside evaluations.  This is concerning with dysphagia contributing to 4 of the 5 top reasons for re-hospitalization including CHF, respiratory infections, UTIs and electrolyte imbalance (Coleman, 2004).  Pneumonia is also a potential consequence of dysphagia due to aspiration in a fragile population.  Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in skilled nursing facilities.   Relying on bedside evaluations also often results in over-diagnosis of dysphagia and unnecessary restrictive diets, placing patients at risk of malnutrition and dehydration.  Inaccurate diagnosis of dysphagia is a preventable contributor to repeat hospital admissions.  

That’s where NDoscopy Dysphagia Specialists can help!  NDSS directly view the swallowing using FEES to provide evidenced based diet and treatment recommendations.  We provide ongoing collaboration with the interdisciplinary team to identify and reduce dysphagia related complications and improve patient outcomes.  We travel directly to the patient to provide these benefits.  We also have a private practice location.  

We offer the following benefits to our partners

    • Simplified Scheduling: referrals accepted by phone, text, or email with no lengthy forms to complete.
    • Timely FEES Procedure: we typically average 1-2 business days from referral.  Emergent FEES can frequently be performed the same day.  
    • Materials/Supplies: we bring all of our own food, liquids, and supplies to reduce your preparation time. We will gladly use any other specific items you would like tested during the study.
    • Advanced Equipment: our FEES system uses LED technology and high definition image quality during the study with color images included on each report.
    • Immediate Results: we print our comprehensive, outcome driven reports on site before leaving the facility.
    • Expert Decannulation Input:  Information pertaining to if a patient with a tracheostomy may be a candidate for tracheostomy removal as it relates to the swallow and cough mechanism.  
    • Increased SLP Productivity: we only bill for FEES allowing the treating SLP to bill  for swallow evaluation/treatment in the same day. We encourage facility SLPs to be present and participate in the study.
    • Simple Billing: we bill one flat rate for each completed FEES. No charge for cancelled studies, travel, or stat referrals.  If we are unable to pass the scope, there will not be a charge. 
    • Educational Opportunities: we offer complimentary in-services to our partner facilities on a variety of topics including normal swallowing function, dysphagia, eating with tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation, free water protocol, and oral care.

Cost Effective, Evidenced Based.

Improving quality of life for patients with dysphagia one scope at a time.


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