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What is Mobile FEES?

FEES stands for flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing which is a procedure where a small, thin endoscope is gently passed through the nares to view the pharynx and larynx during swallowing.  FEES is performed to assess swallow physiology and rule out aspiration.  It is a procedure that allows the clinician to diagnose the reason for the patient’s swallow symptoms in order to come up with an individualized treatment which targets the patient’s deficits.  Mobile FEES providers travel directly to the patient’s bedside to perform this specialized procedure.  

Why is Mobile FEES necessary?

Speech-language pathologists typically first assess a patients with a clinical bedside swallow assessment.  This assessment is the first step to determine if a patient is at risk for aspiration and related sequelae.  A detailed clinical bedside swallow assessment would include a detailed case history with the patient’s predisposing risk factors for dysphagia, a patient’s description of the issue, and a cranial nerve assessment, and food/liquid trials to determine if the patient is at risk of aspiration.  The clinical bedside swallow study is a signifiant part of helping to diagnose a patient’s dysphagia and determine the next steps or referrals needed.  However, SLPs often over diagnose dysphagia when using a clinical bedside swallow study 70% of the time and missed aspiration in 14% of cases.  If the patient is demonstrating difficulty with the oropharyngeal stages of swallowing, typically an instrumental swallow assessment is recommended.  Instrumental assessments include a modified barium swallow study and/or a flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing.  

Benefits of Mobile FEES

Mobile FEES companies will typically advocate to get your facility the instrumental access that it needs.  Here at NDoscopy, we will provide free inservicing on all the benefits of FEES to your administration.  We will provide information on cost savings, patient safety and quality of life.  We have spoken with many administrators to get patients the care they deserve. Any facility that is in contract with us also receives free inservices on topics such as oral care, aspiration pneumonia, general aspiration precautions, tracheostomy and dysphagia, and Passy-Muir Valves for example.

For patients in a home setting, we come directly to the comfort of your home to provide our FEES services.  Scheduling is easy!  You can reach us at 646-389-4316 to get started.  We just need a physician’s order for “FEES to r/o aspiration and assess swallowing.” 

Mobile FEES provides patient care directly to the patient.  No need for the hassle of transportation and costs associated.  Mobile FEES can be provided in the most convenient location for the patient such as their bed, wheelchair or chair.  

Our mobile FEES company provides quick access to an instrumental swallow study.  Modified Barium Swallow studies and many other FEES providers can take weeks to schedule and then receiving the report can sometimes take additional effort and time.  Patient safety and quality of life are at risk.  NDoscopy Dysphagia Specialists provide access to FEES within 1-2 business days of the consult with immediate results.  A detailed report with images in provided and a video can be provided as an addition.  Click here to learn more about the advantages of partnering with NDoscopy Dysphagia Specialists for facilities. 

Improving quality of life for patients with dysphagia one scope at a time.


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